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Hardware and Software Sales

Over the years, we have forged close and trusted partnerships with leading global IT companies in hardware & software products, IT security solutions, Enterprise business solutions, IT infrastructure and consultancy, to meet our customers' requirements.

PC Consulting

We provide consulting approach, which blends system integration expertise wit business acumen. As a whole, these disciplines formulate a comprehensive Business Solution designed to enhance the entire organization's performance and profitability.

LAN/WAN design, implementation and support

Our LAN/WAN support team selects the best and most cost-effective technology for the customer withe continuous support for any LAN-related problems.


Organizing seminars on computer related topics

Members of the Marketing Department regularly take part in international seminars and also hold seminars locally so as to keep customers informed of various developments in the computer field and ensure an up-to-date level of expertise.

Security Systems design, implementation and support

Our Security support team selects the best and most appropriate CCTV, Access Control technologies to cover all the security needs for the customers with continuous support.